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St. Mary High School

Hot Air Ballooning

"Wedding 2008"

May Life Bring You Great Joy and Happiness
Remember to Be Thankful For all that God has Provided Us

"Florida 2010"

Luck is Where Preparation Meets Opportunity
Every Take Off is Optional; Every Landing is Mandatory

"New York 2006"
"Hawaii 2010"

Whenever You Think You Can or Can't You Are Right
When the Mind Forgets Pictures Remember

"Utah 2007"
"Lake Tahoe 2008"
"San Diego 2009"
"Alaska 2011"
"Fiesta 2023"
"California 2012"
"Eastern Caribbean 2016"
"Galapagos 2019"
"Grand Tetons 2022"
"Hawaii 2013"
"Western Caribbean 2018"
"Oregon 2012"
"New Zealand 2017"
"Gallup 2012"
"Cedar Crest"
"San Antonio 2011"
"Diana's Balloon 2005"
"Fiesta 2014"
"Bluff 2012"
"White Sands 2010"
"VLA 2008"
"Duluth 2009"
"Morris Rippel"

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Last Updated: February 1, 2024