Touring New Zealand
December 2017

We are off to visit New Zealand using a Roads Scholar Tour. What makes New Zealand exciting is that we have never been to sch a beatifuel place and the tour is basically handled by the tour compnay and all we have to do it enjoy our trip. We also enjoy hiking-seeing the sites and the beautiful plants and trees and taking a close look at the scenery.

We also did the necessary things that are needed to hike/travel outside the US like finding our passports, locating hiking poles and packing our clothes. Diana is a systematic packer while Tom waits till the last day and throws his stuff in the suitcase. Diana method is more logical but both systems work. Did you know New Zealand is composed of two islands!

December 14, 2017 (T-2)

Located passports and we reviewed airline schedules and excursions we have planned at each port. Counted pills and vitamins and packaged per day so as not to miss anything each day as we traveled.

December 15, 2017 (T-1)

Up early so we can get on the Southwest airline web site and reserve our seats 24 hours before we take flight. Got A 59 & A 60 for first leg and A 57 & A 58.

The Story of Our Adventure in New Zealand