OilCage - New Technology Sorbent For Oil Spills

Movie showing Oil Absorption and Water Repulsion
Video shows a water drop placed on the foam, then 2 oil drops.
Then a Kleenex is used to unsuccessfully try to remove the oil drop, successfully removes the water.

Movie showing Oil Adsorption from the Surface of Water
Video shows light yellow drops of oil on the surface of the water.
The oil drops are round, the high contact angle is formed because the oil is not soluble in water.
When the foam is added the drops start flowing to the foam. This is a lower thermodynamic energy state than beaded on water.
With swirling the oil flows under the foam and the adsorption holds the oil in place until the absorption can occur.

Image of a foam as fabricated and after oil saturation.� The foam remains
pliable throughout. The disks are 3� in diameter to be compatible with
collection by current oil skimmers

25 grams of the polymer, shown in the small beaker, is expanded into a foam
and then can absorb 625 grams of oil, as shown in the large beaker.

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