Trip to the NCAA Tournament in Portland, Oregon

March 15-19, 2012

We are Lobo fans and enjoy watching them play basketball. We had considered going to the Mountain West Conference games in Las Vegas but then we don't enjoy Las Vegas that much so we skipped the Las Vegas trip. But since the Lobo's won the Conference and where playing in Portland, Oregon. and we are Lobo Club members and they offered a special deal on the tickets we decided to attend.

I worked the ticket deal and Diana worked the travel plans. The best deal had us traveling on Thursday and getting to Portland in time to drive to the hotel and then head for the first game. Our return would be on the following Monday as that was the best airfare.

I worked for the Indian Health Service and one of our regional offices was in Portland so I had been there a number of times but never had time to visit the coast. Diana had also attended a meeting in Oregon and had visited the coast but did not have time to explore the area.

Day 1 - On our way and Game 1 at the Rose Garden Arena

Day 2 - Touring the Oregon Coast

Day 3 - Game 3 Lobos vs. Louisville

Day 4 - Touring the Water Falls

Day 5 - Visiting the Western Antique Aero plane and Automobile Museum