Day 3 of our NCAA Tournament Trip
Game two the Lobo are Playing Louisville

March 16, 2012

NCAA Day 3

The day started out with a slow wake up and a leisure breakfast here at the hotel. After breakfast we looked on Google earth to see where the train station was located (about 3 blocks away) and then watched the Kansas state game on TV. K-state lost.. Crap.

We then headed for the train station and had a nice ride to the arena. On the way we used that map feature on my DROID to track our progress and checked on each stations icon. What a nice device to have as we where not sure at which station to get off at. We got off right to the North of the arena after a 20 minute ride. we had lunch at Red Robin and waited for the ticket counter to open so we could pick up our tickets. We walked around while we waited and it was very cold and windy. Once we had our tickets went inside the arena and walked the entire circumference of the building a few times and then took our seats. We of course had to have some ice-cream as that is what ice-cream is there to for...

We met a gentleman for VCU and had a great discussion so I then routed for VCU. VCU played a hard game and I thought the where the much better but Indiana managed to win by one point.

The front of the arena

Flowers outside the arena

Tom and his ice cream

inside the arena

The worst officials known to man. No, the ones for our game where the worst..

VCU Eye Candy

Tom's Favorite Player

Tom's 2nd Favorite Player

Hugh Greenwood Diana's favorite UNM player.
He lost that status as the game progressed.

This is the game stats by player: Player, Points, Fouls, Rebounds, Assists

UNM cheerleaders

The UNM/Louisville game was great but we lost. I felt the officials where terrible and they where hell bent on allowing Louisville to get away with foul after foul and when UNM tried to play they would not let them. But on the other hand UNM was cold as ice with 37 % shooting but we managed to hang on and even come form a 11 point deficient. We played poorly and Hugh made a number of errors mostly contributes to his inexperience. Drew was good as usual but he was hurt in the first half but came back. His final shot of the game was a three pointer.

The governor of New Mexico joined us as a fan. I would say we had 500 to 600 fans in our section at the game for UNM. The announced attendance 19,000 and some.

The Complete Picture Album for Day 3