Remodel House on Morris Rippel
2006 Thru 2007

I had lived with my family in this house since 1990 and now it was 2005. The house had been great but was beginning to show signs of wear and tear. The family is gone and the cats had vanished over the last few years so me and the two dogs had managed to hold down the house.

I had begun dating some very nice ladies and on one evening I was out with a very nice lady named Diana. I had talked to her about my encounter with the leaking waste pipe in the upper bathroom that had ruined the ceiling in the lower bathroom. I had to cut out the ceiling, replace the pipe and did a not so nice job on repairing the ceiling. Diana said she had had similar experiences and could help me repair the ceiling. Hummm... OK. I then continued my story about having the furnace repair people come out to my house to tell me that for a mere $800 I needed a new furnace because the blower stopped working. I had decided I was going to pull the blower and have it fixed myself.

Diana then described a situation where her hot water baseboard furnace needed a air bleed valve replaced and she was hesitant to do it all by herself as what if it didn't seat corrected after the replacement valve was installed. I felt sure we could replace it without issue and we did it and all was well.

We then tackled the blower motor at my house. We pulled the blower motor (see the third group of the pictures). We visited a couple of businesses in Albuquerque and found a company that would replace the motor inside the blower cage for $65 or so. Wow, that is sure less than $900 the furnace repair person was asking. When we finished installing the furnace blower, it worked perfectly, Diana showed me various ways to cover a patch on a smooth ceiling and in the mean time talked about maybe changing the color scheme in my entirely white house. I said "I don't know as white is all I know". She suggested we go look at houses around Albuquerque and just see what colors looked good. As I enjoyed her company we traveled to a number of new homes and I began to see the possibilities of using colors in the house.

I took on painting the master bedroom with a color called "tope". In my mind "tope" is a number of color shades just depending on what other colors are in the room. When we finished the master bedroom it looked fantastic!

Diana then made this comment about having carpet in a bathroom and as that particular bathroom had been used in support of a person who had been sick for years it was time to remove the carpet. I remember discussing the removal of the carpet and then had gone to answer the phone. I heard this rippling from the upstairs and by the time I got upstairs the toilet stool was disconnected and the carpet had been pulled out of the bathroom. Even without carpet it looked and smelt so much better.

It was so exciting to plan, decide, and install thiese wonderful ideas such as replacing the entire kitchen, installed a wood floor in the family room, and replacing the front door. I must have painted nearly the entire house, changed every light fixture and faucet in the house.

The sequence is listed in he pictures below:

Repairing the Upstairs Bathroom pipes

Removing the Carpet in the Family Room

Replacing the Furnace Blower

Upgrading the Downstairs Bathroom

Painting the Master Bedroom (with color)

Redoing the Master Bathroom

Fixing the Upstairs Bathroom

Removing the Tree

The Kitchen

The Living Room and Stairs

The Front Door

The Family Room Floor

The Front Yard

Laundry Room

Replacing the Carpet

Repairing the Outside Walls


The Finished Product

Remodeling the House on Morris Rippel, 2006 thru 2007