Fisher Family Tree
Tracing the Roots of Thomas Joseph Fisher
Note: This first generation is not substantiated in writing but only in oral tradition. From this and earlier letters to Germany, it is "assumed" that the Baron was a prominent person with much wealth and property, but ... as the story goes ... he shot one of the King's deer and was exiled from the country, forfeiting all his wealth and property. It was also the custom for such exiles to have their names removed from any and all registers.
Baron Ludwig von Fischer
b. Jaeger Platz, Berlin, Germany (Bavaria) 
d. Staunton VA 1777
   Three sons:  William ?,   Joseph Clarence ?, and  Johannes Christofer
   They entered the U.S. in 1775
   The above has many versions.  There is a Baron Ludwig von Fischer burried somewhere
   in Virginia but I was never able to acquire the location and visit the site.  Those 
   that gave me that information are no longer living.  (1980 notation)
Johannes Christofer Fischer       married Susannah Elizabeth Bratton
(a.k.a. John Christopher)                in 1785 
b. Bavaria  4/3/1756              Virginia   b. Winchester VA 4/3/1767 
d. Steubenville OH 4/17/1809                 d. Steubenville 5/21/1837 
	They had ten children:
            John    b. 4/3/1786    d. 4/17/1786
            Michael Thomas   b. 7/9/1788 d. 8/6/1832
            Marie Margareta  b.  5/20/1791 d. 11/25/1863
            (1) William   b. 7/26/1793   (see below)
            Christina   b. 3/20/1795   d. 6/2/1799
            Catherine   b. 10/3/1797   d. 11/26/1882
            John (twin)  b. 10/30/1800  d. 11/5/1882
            Elizabeth (twin)   "        d. 5/24/1870
            Joseph   b. 9/2/1803  d. 2/4/1819
            Jane Christina   b. 3/7/1806  d. 9/18/1889

	(1) William Fischer's name was changed to "Fisher" on the
            Revolutionary War records.

		The above was taken from the book, "The Gun and the Gospel" by Rev. H. D.
		Fisher, D.D.  Early Kansas & Chaplain Fisher.  Second Edition 1889, Medical
		Century Company, Chicago & New York.  First paper back edition November 1986.
		Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 86-62153
		ISBN 0-937947-02-4
		Copyright 1896 by H. D. Fisher
		Copyright 1986 by Jeannette S. Christol (Great ganddaughter of the 
		Reverend Hugh Dunn Fisher (The current Preface)
(1) William Fischer (Fisher)    Married Isabella Dunn
b. Staunton VA 7/26/1793        3/13/1813  b.                4/22/1795
d. Steubenville OH 1/4/1851     Virginia   d. Steubenville OH 9/7/1837
                                   (Daughter of Hugh & Rebecca Dunn)
	William and Isabella had seven children:
            Rachel    b. 3/31/1814  d. 1907
            Susan     b. 1/4/1816   d. 1837
            John C.   b. 4/5/1818   d. 1861
            Rebecca   b. 2/21/1821  d. 1821
            Ann M.    b. 4/19/1822  d. 1824
            (2) Hugh D. b. 3/14/1824 (see below)
            William H. b. 5/7/1833  d. 1854

	After Isabella's death, William married Elizabeth Permar,
                  b. 11/25/1801, in 1839.

	William and Elizabeth had three children:
            Isabella  b. 5/18/1840 
            Reason P. b. 6/15/1840 
            Mary E.  b. 11/11/1845
(2) Hugh Dunn Fisher		married	Elizabeth Margaret Acheson
b. Steubenville OH 3/14/1824    5/1/1849  b. New York  NY 1/25/1826
d. Baldwin KS 10/29/1905                  d.               2/8/1901 
                                (Daughter of John & Ann Jane Acheson)

	Hugh and Elizabeth had five children:
            (3) John William Fisher b. Freedom PA 6/2/1851
                                    d. Topeka KS 6/16/1919
			(See below)
            Charles Edmond Fisher MD   b. N. Benton OH 3/7/1853
                                       d. Topeka KS 8/25/1932
                                       m. Ella Bennett 4/15/1873
            Joseph Clarence Fisher     b. McKeesport PA 5/25/1855
                                       d. Olathe KS  11/4/1874
            Hugh Francis Fisher MD     b. Lawrence KS 2/8/1863  d. ?
                                       m. Kitty Milby 1889
            Jennie Arthur Fisher (adopted)  m. Porter Hazelton  1871
                           Thomas Boyd Davis b. Harper's Ferry VA  
                           and Catherine Ann Sophia Hudson,
                           b. 9/19/1829; Daughter Ann Boyd Wilson Davis

(3) John William Fisher		married	Ann Boyd Wilson Davis
b. Freedom PA 6/2/1851          4/15/1873  b. Washington DC 8/12/1852
d. Topeka KS 6/16/1919                     d. Topeka KS     1948 

	John and Ann had four children:
            Daisy Elizabeth Fisher b. 2/22/1874 d. 1914 m. Will Bullard  
            William Davis Fisher   b. 1/13/1883 d. 1942 
            (4) Hugh Thomas Fisher b. 1/18/1885 d. 1940 (See below)
            Anna Pearl Fisher      b. 12/5/1886 d. 1970 m. Irwin Stearns
                             Edward Birge Smith & Helen Estella Merwin
                                    Daughter Helen Beach Smith

(4) Hugh Thomas Fisher		married	Helen Beach Smith
b. Atchison KS 1/18/1885        8/3/1910   b. S.Carrdeton KY 5/23/1887
d. Topeka KS 2/1/1940                      d. Topeka KS 6/8/1971

	Hugh and Helen had four children, all born in Topeka KS, all boys:
            (5) Edward William Fisher b. 10/14/1911 d. 1974  (See below)
            David Hugh Fisher   b. 12/5/1914  d. 11/30/2001
                                m. 7/9/1938 to Ferne b. 3/26/1916 Robinson IL
                                                     d. 1/7/1980
                                m. 2/14/1986 to Mary Frances b. 2.20/1916
            Paul Merwin Fisher  b. 11/24/1916 m. Peggy d.
            Jean Thomas Fisher  b. 8/30/1923  d. 1980  m. Patty
                        Madison Elmer Rogers     Edna Mae Parks
                        b. Glasco KS 1/13/1884   b. Solomon KS 10/14/1888 
                        d. Topeka KS 1/24/1959  d. Topeka KS 12/23/1959
                        M. 9/10/1910       Daughter Helen Jeanette Rogers

(5) Edward William Fisher        married       Helen Jeanette Rogers 
b. Topeka KS 10/14/1911         4/28/1930      b. Vancouver WA 7/10/1911
d. Albuquerque NM 5/28/1974                    d. Albuquerque NM 7/6/2003

	Edward and Helen had five children:

            (6) Richard Anthony (Dean) Fisher
            (7) Sally Ann Fisher
            (8) William Francis Fisher
            (9) Margaret Ruth Fisher
            (10) Thomas Joseph Fisher
            (11) Catherine Ann Fisher (adopted)
(6)  Richard Anthony Fisher     married     Rachel Angeline Gruttadauria
b. Topeka KS 4/29/1934          4/27/1957   b. Pittston PA 4/18/1933
d. Oxen Hill, MD 1/19/2018                  Pittston PA

	Richard and Rachel had one child:

            Marie Angela Fisher   married    Glenwood Ray Norment
            b. 5/12/1963        11/07/1994    b. 11/2/1948 d. 6/27/2003

                           There are no children between them.
                           Glenwood has 3 boys from a previous marriage.
(7)  Sally Ann Fisher, born and died: 11/16/1935 in Topeka KS
                             Arthur Sanchez married Flora Zimmerly
                             b.12/25/1912              b.4/14/1919
                             d.11/16/2001              d.1/25/2009   

(8)  William Francis Fisher       married      Joan Elizabeth Sanchez 
b. Mobile AL  11/3/1941           12/26/1962   b. Hawthorne NV 7/30/1943
                                               d. Kerrville TX 1/12/2007

                                  Second marriage   Shirley Gumbert Balizet
                                  10/13/2009        b: Omaha NE 6/25/1959 
                                                    d: Tampa, FL 8/7/2022                               

	William and Joan had five children:

            (8a) Jane Lucille Fisher
            (8b) Brian Eugene Fisher
            (8c) Bruce Gerard Fisher
            (8d) Juliet Therese Fisher
            (8e) Byron Charles Fisher

            (8a)  Jane Lucille Fisher     married     Scott H. Switzer
            b. 11/15/1963                 5/17/1986   b. 12/29/1962
            Albuquerque NM                      Kerrville TX

                Jane and Scott had one child:

                           Jordan Alexandria Switzer
                           b. 04/25/1994 in Dallas TX

            (8b)  Brian Eugene Fisher     married Deborah Kay Harmon
            b. 12/4/1964                  8/2/1986    TX 4/25/1966
            Albuquerque NM                     New Braunfels TX

			Brian and Deborah had one child:

                           Dawn Marie Fisher
                           b. 10/31/1990 in Kerrville TX

            (8c) Bruce Gerard Fisher      married Rebecca Renee Heimann
            b. 4/30/1967                  9/30/1989       b. 3/15/1969
            Albuquerque NM                        Kerrville TX

                        Bruce and Rebecca had two children:

                           William Hunter Fisher, b 10/08/1992, Kerrville TX
                           Garrett Wade Fisher,   b. 01/20/1999, Austin TX

            (8d)  Juliet Therese Fisher
            b. 8/22/1972
            Albuquerque NM

            (8e) Byron Charles Fisher       married Marissa Lynn Burgess
            b. 1/17/1975                    6/14/1997       b. 2/17/1975
            Albuquerque NM                          Fredricksburg TX

                        Byron and Marissa have two children:
                           Joshua Caden Fisher, b: 03/08/2004, Denton TX
                           Kaelyn Elizabeth Fisher, b: 04/05/2007, Denton TX
                           Micah Everett Fisher, b:  10/06 2010, Denton Tx
(9) Margaret Ruth Fisher                married      Larry D. Brown
 b. 3/16/1943                           10/21/1994   b. 1/7/1945
 Mobile AL                                           Neodesha KS
            Margaret had two children with previous husband, Steve Lloyd:

            (9a) Michael Raymond Lloyd
            (9b) Gregory Steven Lloyd

            (9a) Michael Raymond Lloyd         married   Nancy Blattner
            b. 6/19/1962                       7/7/1984  b. 5/24/1961
            Albuquerque NM                                Larned KS

                 Michael and Nancy had four children:

                    Thaddeus Raymond Lloyd, b. 8/10/1989, Manhatten KS
                    Isaac Charles Lloyd, b. 5/27/1992, Manhatten KS
                    Noah Edward Lloyd, b. 6/10/1994, Arkadelphia AR 
                    Elijah Thomas Lloyd, b. 10/13/1998, Arkadelphia AR

            (9b)  Gregory Steven Lloyd            married Pat (?)
            b.  1/19/1964                         1986     b. 1950 (52)
            Albuquerque NM
                              James Ellison, father of
                                  Berry Ellison, father of ....

                              William Laudy Ellison,
                              b. 6/8/1900 Speedwell TN, d. 8/11/1958
                              Gladys Marie Eddins,
                              b. 11/13/1910 Ardmore OK, d. 3/21/2001

(10)  Thomas Joseph Fisher      married       Patsy Anne Ellison
b. 12/25/1945                   7/28/1973     b. 12/7/1941 
Mobile AL                                     Uravan CO 
                                              d. 09/28/2004
                                              Albuquerque NM
                               Marriage      Diana Grace (Fik) Schroen
                               12/27/2008    b.  5/3/1952
                                                Wyandotte Mich

                                            Son by previous marriage: 
                                            David Robert Schroen
                                            b.  5/21/1984
            Thomas and Patsy had two children:

            Stephen Thomas Fisher, b. 8/19/1980, Albuquerque NM
            Michael Larry Fisher, b. 7/9/1982, Albuquerque NM

(11) Catherine Ann Fisher      married     William Rowe
(adopted) b. 8/19/1947 d. 9/23/2019        m. (?)      b. 1929   d. 04/1999

		Catherine had one child:

           Vincent Fisher, b. 7/10/1969 in California
End listing. Data updated: 17 July 2023