Flight Instruction
Hot Air Balloons


The following information is a copy of everything I have from outlines, notes, and from my studying to be a Commercial Balloon Pilot. The material has come from what people taught me, what I found in books and on the Internet. The intent of this presentation is to augment the books and classes produced by the professionals. I hope these notes will assist my students and myself in learning more about being a pilot of a Hot Air Balloon. I wish to thank any and all contributors of this information. If you feel that this information violates any copyright rules or offends anyone in any manner please let me know as soon as possible via e-mail at tfisher45@tomjfisher.com.

The flow of this document is "History of Ballooning", "Requirements to be in Ballooning", "Requirements to be a Student Pilot", then the various topics that need to be learned to qualify to be a Private Hot Air Balloon Pilot with restrictions of air born heater.

Hot Air Balloon History

Ballooning - The First Steps

14 CFR Part 61 Subpart C--Student Pilots

Photo ID Rule for General Aviation Pilots

Lesson 1 Introduction to Balloon Flight

Lesson 2 Basic Flight Maneuvers

Lesson 3 Maneuvers and Venting

Lesson 4 Unusual Flight & Terrain Conditions

Lesson 5 In-Flight Emergency Procedures

Lesson 6 In-Flight Emergency Procedures - Unsafe Conditions

Lesson 7 Assign Student Pilot Pre-Solo Questions

Lesson 8 Pre-Solo Checkout Flight

lesson 9 Student Pilot Pre-Solo Written Test

Lesson 10 Solo Flight

Lesson 11 High Altitude, Cold Weather, & Maximum Velocity (Terminal) Descent

Lesson 12 Tether Operations

Lesson 13 Navigation

Lesson 14 Prerequisites For "Private Pilot"

Lesson 15 14 CFR Part 61 Subpart E--Private Pilots

Lesson 16 Let's Not Forget Maintenance

Lesson 17Airman Written & Practical Tests

Lesson 18 FAA Designated Flight Examiner

A Good Private Pilot Practice Test

Flight Review (Private Pilot Check Ride)

Instructor Endorsements

14 CFR Part 61 Subpart F - Commercial Pilots

Table Tops & Problems


14 CFR Part 61 & Part 91