Homeward Bound Via New Zealand & LAX

Sunday November 4, 2007 (Day 19)

Homeward Bound Via New Zealand & LAX

We hopped our 8 th flight and this time it is our last terrestrial stop on the continent of Australia. The added bonus of the return trip that we got to stop in New Zealand. It took us over two hours to reach New Zealand at which time we de-boarded and had our passports checked and waited as the airline crew working to get the gas tank covers open so we could add fuel.

Once we where reloaded into the aircraft we rumbled down the runway and headed for LAX. 14 hours or so hours later we touched down in LAX, retrieved our bags and walked over to Southwest where we checked in and waited for the plane to arrive.

We had the unexpected pleasure of meeting my neighbor from the East side of my house on Morris Rippel. We had a nice chat then boarded the plane and arrived safely in Albuquerque, NM where Steve, my oldest son, picked us up and returned to his house where we loaded our car and where on our way to our next adventure.

Would we, Diana and Tom, change anything about the trip? Well maybe we would make it longer and see more sites. We where pleased that we held to our principles of "No Shopping" and "No sitting around in hotel rooms". In fact, we stayed true to the original schedule other than two short afternoons when we dropped an afternoon event so as we could maintain our physical well being.

Where are we going on our next adventure which is defined as visiting the seven continents in our lifetime. Egypt seems the most likely candidate.