Friday November 2, 2007 (Day 17)


Here we are at the Hobart airport bright and early for our flight to Melbourne. I am pleased that we are turning in the rental car. We have driven over 600 km without any major incidents other than some frightful experiences for my passenger. This is the 7 th flight of our trip and all is well. It is always nice to jump on a plane and let them do the driving.

We did not have much time to tour the city of Melbourne as we used Melbourne as a central point of our exploration in the areas around Melbourne.

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and Australia's second largest city. It is in country's fashion and cultural center and is often referred to as the "Garden State" due to the magnificent parks and gardens throughout the city.

The wonderful preserved Victorian architecture of Melbourne gives the city a special charm, reminiscent of the great city of Europe.

Once settled into our hotel, Vibe Savoy Hotel, we will be off to visit Philip Island on the first day and Great Ocean Road on the second day of our stay in Melbourne. On the way we will stop at Warrook Cattle Farm, visit the Koala Conservation center and enjoy dinner at Cowes. We will visit the Nobies and Seal life Center and view the treacherous Bass Strait. Day will end with the visit at the Penguin Park and day two are tour will end at the 12 Apostles.