Hike to Wine Glass Bay

Tuesday October 30, 2007 (Day 14)

Wine Glass Bay
One of the Top 10 beatiful Bays in the world

We reviewed the local area hikes and decided on the Wineglass overlook and then the beach and maybe then the lighthouse. We managed to hike from the Western side of the ismiss to the other side to the Wineglass beach. It is about a 1:15 hour walk in each directions and probably covered 6 km. It was a steep climb to the middle and the Wineglass lookout point and then down hill to the Wineglass bay and beach. It was beautiful and very relaxing.

Early in the walk we encountered Wallabies and her baby and while we where on the beach we actually saw and took pictures of dolphins playing in the water the water.

These dolphins would travel parallel to the beach and go back and forth alone the deep water line. We spend maybe 45 minutes in the sands on the beach and re-enacted from to "Hell to Eternity" staring Charles Hesston and katherine Hepburn. Of course I was the male actor and Diana was the young lady.

We then return to the parking spot via the same path we had come over on.

It was easier driving the car today from the lodge to the start of the hike. I did manage to flip on the windshield wipers a time or two instead of the turn signal and one time tried changing the gears on the window and the shift level is on my left and the door is on the right. But it is getting easier. It seems when I was driving yesterday that I would aim the car as if I was the driver on the left side of the car but on the road the car actually extends to my left whereas normally in the USA the car would extend to the right. Interesting concept but over a short period of time it is becoming normal to drive on the left side of the road in the correct part of the lane...