Freycinet Lodge

Tuesday October 30, 2007 (Day 14)

Freycinet Lodge in the Freycinet National Park

With a spectacular waterfront location at the foot of the Hazards, just inside Freycinet National Park, Freycinet Lodge iwas a superb base for our exploration of the Freycinet peninsula.

The lodge is a world of hidden comfort, the lodge is living proof that communing with nature does not have to mean roughing it. It's a place to relax and rejuvenate. To experience nature's wild harmony without sacrificing your creature comforts. Stylish yet simple, the cabins are designed to impart welcoming familiarity and warmth without the intrusion of telephones or television.

As Freycinet Lodge is located within a pristine National Park, entry fees do apply. We purchased a Pass from the visitor information centre at the entrance to the park or Freycinet Lodge reception with prices for a 24 hour vehicle pass starting at $20.00.

It was nice to stop for a day and do the laundry, eat some fine food at the lodge and get in some sleep time. We where up early the next mroning as someone who had stayed in the cabin before us had not turned off the alarm and then my watch decided to ring as it was 7 AM.