Devonport, Tasmania to Freycinet

Monday October 29, 2007 (Day 13)

Devonport, Tasmania to Freycinet

We where awakened from our ocean going sleep by an announcement about the disembarking at 7 AM. We got off the ship and rented a car. Ah yes, the car with the steering on the right and ever control is reveres with wiper blade on the left of the steering column and the turn signal on the right side. The wipers where switched on more often on turns that where the turn signals. Most roads are two lanes in Australia so it was a bit of a challenge to drive on the left side of the road and be able to judge our proper place to be driving the car in the lane.

I spent the first hour in somewhat of an heightened state of alert trying to remember to look right and then turn left into the left lane. Watching cars come at me to my right was somewhat of a mental process for awhile. I got better as the day went on.

Just imagine the driver and my passenger. I am driving in the left lane, with the steering wheel on the right side of the car. I center myself and thus the car where the drivers seat is traveling to the left of center of the lane as that is the way I have driven for the last 45 years. That puts the passenger (Diana) just a tad to the left of me on or approximately off the left of the road. She cautioned me more that once about almost causing her great bodily harm.

We took highway A3 from Davenport East across the top of Tasmania and then down the East coast to the Lodge in the Freycinet Lodge in Freycinet National park. (400 Km) We stayed in a standalone cabin which overlooking the Great Oyster Bay. We had a nice dinner and retired to the quite cabin for a restful evening.