The Beginning of the Trip

Monday October 15, 2007 (Day 0)

The Beginning of the Trip

Here it is the day after Balloon Fiesta 2007 and its 3 AM and the trip begins today. The plan is to be on our way to my oldest son Steve´s house by 12 noon so we can be at his house at 1:45 so he can take us to the airport. Our plane leaves at 3:30 PM and our plane to Australia from LAX leaves at 11:30 PM.

  Check in and security where smooth flowing and then as we walked up to the gate we noticed the plane was at least an hour late due to storms in Dallas.

Once on our way to LAX all was well.  Once at LAX we had to grab our bags from Southwest and change terminals to the Qantas terminal via an intra terminal bus.  Qantas was late leaving for some reason but it was a huge 4 engine 747-400 which holds somewhere in the vicinity of 412 people and the flight was full. 

Finding our seats was not difficult but putting ourselves into the seats was a little bit more difficult as they had given each of us a blanket, pillow, head phones and there just is not that much room between seats. We managed to squeeze into the seats and the basic concept is to zone-out. I had homework to do for the Project Management class I am taking so I could occupy myself. They served a wonderful meal of either Chicken or tomato sauce pasta and a good movie (Diana watched Harry Potter) and the online GPS stuff which gave location, speed, and altitude. I studied and did my homework on paper in hopes of transferring it to my laptop and then sending it to the instructor "Distance Learning" We watched the movie, sleep very well, and did the walk around the plane every few hours as recommended by my son Steve.  I will always be amazed how these big airplanes full of fuel, people, and their baggage lumber down the runway knowing full well they are too heavy to land immediately and must dump fuel if they have to land like "right now".  But "no worries" it was as smooth as glass the entire flight.